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Myofascial Therapy (Deep Tissue Massage)

Myofascial Therapy, also know as Deep Tissue Massage, accesses deeper areas of musculature, to completely release tight areas one layer at a time.

Massage TherapySaddle Brook, NJ
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Loosens the tissues wrapped around bone and muscle for greater ease of movement

Myofascial therapy affects the connective tissue that is wrapped around every bone, organ, and muscle. When working on a muscle layer, the massage therapist works on the different connective tissues, opening and stretching them so that blood and oxygen get to the muscle and relieve the pain. A Myofascial massage should feel like a long overdue stretch.

There is no oil or lotion used in Myofascial therapy. The use of lubricants indicates a Swedish massage, not a deep therapeutic one. Regardless of how strong the therapist is, using oil causes the hands to slide across the skin instead of directing pressure into the tissues.

Full-body Myofascial therapy cannot be completed in one session. It takes time for tissues to yield and for the massage therapist to get through the different layers. Because the muscles have different angles and directions, the therapist must move in different ways to open them, which requires thoroughly working on one area at a time. Forcing this process leads to pain and guarding in the body — which defeats the purpose of the massage. Like Neuromuscular Massage Therapy, this approach requires close communication between client and massage therapist.

In most cases, the knots took a while to develop and therefore it will take time to unravel them—certainly more than one hour. However, clients with a kink in their neck from too much time on the computer, iPad or driving will benefit from this type of massage. They often get results immediately and feel like someone has just removed a “golf ball of tension” — to quote one client — from their body.

Billie Ann Hagen, massage therapist, makes house calls to perform Myofascial Therapy (Deep Tissue Massage) at your location. Billie will come to your home with all the necessary supplies – massage table, clean linens and lotions/oils.
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