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What Can
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Getting a sports massage on a regular basis can help enhance your overall athletic or work performance and provide several other benefits.
Massage TherapyWashington Twp, NJ
What Can Sports Massage Do for You?
by Billie Hagen

What Can Sports Massage Do for You?

Most people are aware that massage can be relaxing, but what they may not know is that it can be extremely beneficial for athletes, or those doing a job that causes repetitive stress syndrome. Hereís how sports massage can help:

  • Increases flexibility. Massage allows your muscles to move more freely. If you are more flexible, you are less likely to tear or otherwise strain a muscle.
  • Increase strength. Muscles that are overworked usually have a weaker part (most often, the part that attaches to the bone, also known as the tendon). Getting a massage on a regular basic can help reverse this tendency.
  • Reduce tension. If your muscles are too tight, proper blood flow canít get to the injured muscle to heal it naturally. (The blood carries oxygen, minerals and nutrition to the part of the body that needs to heal.)
  • Enhance recovery time and speed the healing process. With exercise, the body produces lactic acid, which helps you continue your work out. But if lactic acid isnít flushed out of your muscles, it can form a knot and subsequently restrict the blood flow to the injured muscle.
  • Reduce muscle spasms. Each time the nervous system sends a pain signal to the brain, it travels along the same pathway. And each time the signal is repeated, the resistance lessens, sending muscles into spasm faster and sooner. By breaking up scar tissue in the muscles, the massage therapist can retrain them to relax.
  • Decrease soreness. By focusing on massaging the muscle that is aching, the therapist can bring blood into the area. Once again, the blood is what carries oxygen, minerals, and nutrition to the muscles that need to be replenished.
  • Assess possible injuries. Itís important not to overstress the most frequently used muscle groups. A well-trained massage therapist can identify poor body mechanics and help you avoid a more serious condition. 

Remember, healthy muscles donít hurt. And muscles kept healthy with massage can absorb the shock of a soft tissue injury and bounce back more quickly.

Getting a sports massage on a regular basis can help enhance your overall athletic or work performance. By giving your body time to heal, your muscle tightness will decrease and your natural recovery will speed up. A sports massage makes you less tired after a workout, as well as more alert and better able to perform.   

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